Building Scalable Solutions
with BigData and Artificial Intelligence

Design AI Brains With Unique Skills, Personality, Knowledge and Memory

Our proprietary technology can learn any topic in minutes. Create your private Knowledge Base by training your Custom AI with your website and your documents. Then create a new Brain on top of your Knowledge Base and fine-tune his personality. Your new employee will be ready from day one. Your Brains work 24/7, don't need holidays or teamwork sessions and they get better at their job every day. Transform surveys, skills, and complex interactions in Processes. You can integrate your Brain via API to 3rd party software, like Zapier*.

ArcadeDB - Multi-Model

The Next Generation Multi-Model DBMS with a Native Graph Engine

ArcadeDB is a Multi-Model DBMS supporting multiple models and query languages. ArcadeDB is blazing fast and super light to be deployed pretty much everywhere as embedded or distributed in high availability configuration.

Manage complex models using ArcadeDB without any compromise. Forget about Polyglot Persistence: no need for multiple databases. You can store graphs, documents, key values, search engine, vectors# and time series# all in one ArcadeDB Multi-Model database. Since each model is native to the database engine, you don't have to worry about translations slowing you down.