Building Scalable Solutions
for Managing and Analyzing BigData

The Next Generation Multi-Model DBMS with a Native Graph Engine

Manage complex models using ArcadeDB without any compromise. Forget about Polyglot Persistence: no need for multiple databases. You can store graphs, documents, key values and time series all in one ArcadeDB Multi-Model database. Since each model is native to the database engine, you don't have to worry about translations slowing you down.

ArcadeDB - Multi-Model

The Most Advanced, Fully Integrated Algo Trading Platform for Traders

Our advanced Algorithmic Trading platform has everything you need to research, develop, test and go-live with your own personal hedge fund. One integrated platform that assists you from the initial spark of an idea to actual live trading. Arcade Trader's platform works for private traders and hedge funds running on the cloud or on your private computer.

Arcade Trader - Screenshot


The World’s Most Powerful Graph Visualization Tool Is Open Source

Arcade Analytics integrates seamlessly with all the most popular Relational and Graph Databases, solving all your graph analytics problems. Whether you want to keep your RDBMS and use Arcade to visualize your relationships, or you want to better fully utilize your Graph Database, Arcade is here for you.

Arcade Analytics - Screenshot